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Household Goods Carriers rulemaking

The commission has amended permanently the commission's rules relating to WAC 480-15, Household Goods Carriers, as a result of HB 1536. The amended sections of WAC 480-15 are:

WAC 480-15-020 Definitions
WAC 480-15-145 Enforcement
WAC 480-15-180 Carrier operations that require a household goods permit
WAC 480-15-450 Involuntary cancellation of a permit
WAC 480-15-610 Advertising

The commission filed the adoption order, General Order R-556, with the Office of the Code Reviser on December 2, 2009. The rules will become effective on January 2, 2010.

The commission began an expedited rulemaking (CR-105) under Docket TV-091038 to amend WAC 480-15, Household Goods Carriers, as a result of House Bill 1536. In 2009 the legislature passed House Bill 1536, relating to advertisements and permits for household goods carriers. House Bill 1536 became effective July 29, 2009.

House Bill 1536 bans household goods carriers from advertising services without first obtaining a valid permit from the commission; increases the penalty up to five thousand dollars for operating as a mover without a permit and operating in violation of a cease and desist order up to ten thousand dollars; and, requires carriers to show their permit number, physical address and telephone number in all advertising.

The commission used the expedited process because the content of the proposed rules is specifically dictated by the new statutes.

The commission invited written comments on the rules or expedited rulemaking by November 23, 2009.

For additional information about this rulemaking, contact Vicki Elliott at (360) 664-1119 or e-mail at <>. (Docket TV-091038, see "Documents" link below for more information).

Posted/updated: 12/04/2009
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